MarktPlatz Vendors

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Unique card playing games (six years or older) with complementary score book and puzzle book available.

Alpha Earl Apps & Games

Roasted fresh at the festival using an authentic old world recipe.

German Roasted Nuts

Highly successful local author of over two dozen Civil War books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Bob Connor

Axe Throwing

Axe Hole

Areas best affordable selection of Smokemen, Nutcrackers, Christmas Pyramids, Beer Steins, German Hats and Pins, Souvenirs

Sweet Frog
Blackout Nuts & Pretzels

Blackout Nuts and Pretzels specializes in seasoned pretzels and wants to grow the business with seasoned pretzels. Try the Pretzels and you will not be disappointed. We welcome you to come to our booth.

Blackout Nuts and Pretzels

Engaging, educational books, activities & toys for kids that parents love, too!

Paper Pie

German t-shirts and fleece wear, German ceramics, handmade Bavarian jewelry, German hats & hatpins

Charles Moore
Sam's Club